The Structure of the Health Care System in the State of Israel

Keywords: Ministry of health, Patient Rights Law, hospitals, health founds, public health services, and private health services


The health care system in the State of Israel consists of two sectors - the public sector, which includes government-owned hospitals and medical institutes, and the private sector. The public health sector includes the community health system, health funds, family medicine, the general health care system, and the mental health care system. The private sector includes private hospitals and medical institutes. Both sectors are supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Health, which is the supreme governmental authority through which the government implements its policy throughout the entire health system. The law provides and guarantees for every resident of Israel medical insurance, the right to receive medical treatment, the prohibition of discrimination, the provider’s obligation to obtain informed consent prior to treatment, the right to receive an additional medical opinion, and the dignity and privacy of the patient. Health funds in Israel were established before the State of Israel was established. The ideological concept of the health funds was based on the principle of equality and mutual assistance.


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