Proteomic and metabolomic strategy of searching for biomarkers of genital cancer diseases using mass spectrometry methods

Jan Matysiak, Paweł Dereziński, Agnieszka Klupczyńska, Joanna Hajduk, Agata Światły, Szymon Plewa, Agnieszka Horała, Patryk Jaźwiński, Paulina Banach, Ewa Nowak-Markwitz, Zenon J. Kokot


The project entitled ”Proteomic and metabolomic strategy of searching for biomarkers of genital cancer diseases using mass spectrometry methods” is a study based on novel omics techniques. The main assumption of this research is the development of innovative model of searching of biomarkers in ovarian and prostate cancers using proteomics and metabolomics methodologies supported by bioinformatics analysis. The innovatory strategy based on the latest achievements in the field of mass spectrometry will allow for the implementation of the unique studies for discovery new biomarkers, which are useful in prediction, diagnosis and treatment of the genital cancers. To date, there is no comprehensive data including set of proteins and other endogenous compounds involved in the development and differentiation of these diseases. Therefore, the proposed approach may contribute to the discovery of biomarkers with high sensitivity and specificity, which will provide new information about genital cancers characterization.


ovarian cancer; prostate cancer; proteomics; metabolomics

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